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Eskorty ślubne

Motocyklowa obstawa samochodu pary młodej z kościoła

lub urzędu stanu cywilnego do domu weselnego... 


Wieczory panieńskie i kawalerskie

Uatrakcyjnienie wieczoru; przywóz do i z domu pary na

motocyklach lub w ich asyście...



Mamy kilka ciekawych pomysłów na to,  

jak wykorzystać motocykle, by ważne chwile były

jeszcze  bardziej niezwykłe.

Zapytaj o szczegóły... 


Imprezy dla dzieci

Urozmaicenie urodzin, Dnia Dziecka

czy zabaw okolicznościowych.

Dla osób prywatnych, przedszkoli i szkół... 


Sesje zdjęciowe i filmowe

Zapewniamy maszyny oraz kierowców na potrzeby

prywatnych oraz profesjonalnych sesji zdjęciowych,

kręcenia teledysków, filmów, itp...


Wynajem motocykli z kierowcami

Na krótkie trasy miejskie i wycieczki plenerowe...


Eventy firmowe

Wystawy, pokazy, parady, animacje, transport motocyklowy...


Wszelkie inne nietypowe zlecenia motocyklowe

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O nas



Club Beginnings...


Beginnings of club date to year 1990. At first it main purpose was to organize yearly motorcycle rallies. Motorcycle Club "BACHUS" in its current form, was reactivated in year 2002 and since then it has gathered 22 motorcycles lovers regardless of theirs motorcycle brand and type, people in different age and with different backgrounds but connected by ONE GREAT PASSION ...


About Us

Bacchus on wheels


Bachus - son of Zeus and Semele. God of nature fertile forces, vine and grapes. Bachus taught people how to grow grapes and make vine. He travelled the world in a chariot always in a company of bacchantes and satyrs. Donkeys carried his vine bags and all was accompanied by loud music of drums and aulos's.

 All in all not much has changed, instead of chariot and donkeys we have motorcycles, instead drums and aulos's, good rock' and blues, beside vine there is Tyskie - the rest hasn't changed... During the turn of year 1983/84 a group of motorcycles lovers created Zielonogórski Motorcycle Club BACHUS. The choice of the name was obvious - Bachus is a patron of Zielona Góra, and his legend fits perfectly motorcyclist soul. The group of founding members included Andrzej Ślusarczyk, two Paulus, Rycho-Faszycho, two Żak, Piotrek Marynarz, two Kury, Andrzej Pomykała, Jarek Szymański, Inżynier, Pepe, Żagiel, r.i.p. Prezes Romek Karnicki. In year 1984 the club organized first motorcycle rally in cooperation with PZM. The idyll lasted since year 1989. After political system changes somebody stated that there is no point to go on...


Bacchantes - dancing and singing women possessed by ecstatic frenzy.

Satyr - young humans, possibly with horse ears, that roamed the woods and mountains, and were the companions of Pan and Bacchus. In mythology they are often associated with male sex drive and Greco-Roman art often portrays them with erections.

Alous - music instrument one of most popular in ancient Greek.

VII Motorcycles Rally in year 1996 was first one organized by people connected with old Bachus. The main organizer was Andrzej "Paulus" Pawowski.


The symbolic year 2000 was a turning point in existence of "Bachus". There where more and more motorcycles in the cite, the new blood was driving on the streets and the interest in two wheels was constantly growing. Motorcyclists from Zielona Góra and precincts couple of times participate in "Speedway Competition Beginning Parade". Some of them were later meeting in club "Kotłownia", or at our friend from "Club Łagów 96" - in "Highlander". To ride collectively we were meeting on gas station Statoil. The meetings became more and more frequent, together we are making trips, going for rally's and events. At last in year 2002 a group of enthusiasts decided to reactivate "Bachus".


Its core is created by; Prezes, Żagiel, Hornet, DragStar, Tado, Siekierka, Jarecki, Bąbel. Instantly the Club started to grow. In year 2003 the Club organized XIV Winobraniowy Motorcycle Rally over a beautiful reservoir in Ochla near Zielona Góra. The turn out was fantastic. Over 500 motorcycles form all corners of Poland and couple from a broad. The greatest motorcycle parade yet, drives through the streets of Zielona Góra. We thought that we accomplished an impossible ... but we were mistaken because in year 2005 the pared was couple kilometres long and gathered over ....... 1500 motorcycles!!! The great challenge which we face preparing such a big rally brings us even closer to each other. Without experience, almost with no sponsors, laying out large sums of money from our own pockets and supported by great enthusiasm we achieve our goals! Because of a great dose of energy, which we get from this we almost at once, start to think about next the Rally.

In preparing Rally's we put lots of time, effort and heart. It's weary important for us that everybody will feel at home, satisfied and will come back again. And we succeed in that, what can be proven by constantly increasing number of visitors and participant's opinions.


Each participant as he arrives receives a cup of zielonogóskie vine from Krajcig Vinery and a bunch of grapes - tradition in Bachus City - since Friday morning music bands are rocking the house, there is a lot of attractions, contests and accretive prizes, fantastic food, rivers of beer and of course already mentioned Grand Parade, certainly one of the biggest in our country. For us it is a way to say „Thank You" to people and others Clubs that we visit every year.

But Bachus is not only about rally, it's a life style, brotherhood and friendship, supporting each other in difficult situations and of course love for motorcycles. This bound of loyalty creates in the club an unrepeatable atmosphere. Every Friday evening Bachus Club House is feeling up. As always there is lots of thinks connected with organisation, but mainly it is about spending time together and having fun. We owe it to our Patron! Often the last person leaves the club on Saturday...

There is one think that makes us unique - it's charging the kilometres. Yearly club trips are tradition. We already had driven all around Poland. From Hel to Tatry, from Bieszczady through Mazury to our western territories. Bachus was also been seen in Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain and Germany ... and it wont be all.


We already plan our next year trip, the target is not yet chosen but it's not the most important thing, the most important thing is driving.

Also every year Bachus helps children during Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, supporting it from organizational and financial side. We take active part in cultural life of the city and its precincts. Participating in many events and hopfests.


And to think that we still have time for fun .... and we assure you that we know how to have fun!


Taking an occasion it would by a sin not to praise ourselves a little - in our club we have a weary fast Bachus. If anybody had an occasion to visit Racecourse in Poznań knows that making one lap under 2 minutes it's quite an achievement for a speeder, making it under 1,50 minute it's mastery, but only few people in Poland can do it in 1,41 minute. And so fast is our club member Jarecki. He had confirmed his class many times, wining many master class championships and we are proud of his achievements.


Presently Zielonogórski Motorcycle Club Bachus has 29 members, reliable, trustworthy, which can count on each other. We drive different brands of motorcycles of different values - but its not important for us. The thing that is important for us is the group, friendship and trust.


During one of the parties, after coupe of Tyskie, Tadeo said that his dream is to sit in at least the same company and in the same great mood as this evening in 20 years. It's not only his dream, but I will be even more courageous and I will say that it will by like that. Bachus is 22 years old, and in 20 years it will be his 42 anniversary, it's simple and logical...


Zielonogórski Klub Motocyklowy BACHUSZielonogórski Klub Motocyklowy BACHUSZielonogórski Klub Motocyklowy BACHUS

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